The reason we are who we are

Quality and hygiene are the foundations of our manufacturing. As we handle and manufacture everything at our own factory, we have full control of the entire process. Our factory has been extensively modernised and expanded into an ultramodern facility, where we specialise in gluten free, free from and organic products. Therefore, we have the most stringent quality requirements for our organisation and production machinery and are proud of our quality certifications.

Our responsibility

Quality from production to end product. Machinery cannot do all the work itself. Educated staff, craftsmanship, processes and innovation are critical for making high quality products. Our laboratory has the day-to-day responsibility of ensuring that all raw materials and ingredients received, and all finished products leaving the factory are in accordance with current legislation and comply with all specifications.

Our priority

Food safety is of our greatest concern. We make sure that all of our raw materials come from suppliers who are certified and approved in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations.

We routinely take samples from our production, which are tested in both our own laboratory and in independent laboratories. Our production is approved according to the BRC- and AIB-standards for food safety. Both standards are based on the HACCP principles, follow Codex Alimentarius.

Nakskov Mill Foods A/S is approved for Halal. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration monitor our organic production and all our products can be produced as organic. We also work with Kosher, Passover as well as High Kosher certified products.

Nakskov Mill Foods A/S uses a code of conduct, which is the guideline for accountablility and good practice for staff and the entire organization and has special requirements for suppliers regarding social, ethical and environmental issues.

As a contract producer and sub-contractor Nakskov Mill Foods A/S is constantly subject to customer audits. In addition, internal audits are carried out every month. At the same time, it is your guarantee that your brand is in good hands with us. Click on the link below to see our certificates.


For us at Nakskov Mill Foods it is very important to know what is in the breakfast bowl. We know our suppliers and their raw materials and we can trace them from the breakfast bowl to the field.




AOECS Gluten 2018




Organic control


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