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Our factory and the employees have decades of experience producing classical Corn Flakes. The local workers’ know-how, passion and skills can be seen in the allergen free and crunchy golden flakes. In addition, the product range includes various extruded flakes and mini versions of all. Shapes, such as the hoop can be produced from all grains. We also produce maize nuggets – a crunchy maize ball great for adding a twist to muesli mixes and for children’s breakfast.

The consumers’ behavior has changed during the last years: health and well-being are in the spotlight and strongly influencing the purchase decisions. A growing number of consumers are also concerned about environmental issues as well as the origin of the product. We in Nakskov Mill Foods aim to meet the demanding and rapidly changing market’s needs.

Also an increasing number of products now feature chia, flax and hemp seeds – all excellent sources of e.g. omega-3 fat in their formulations. Natural and simple labels being a primary objective we focus on formulating recipes with no added sugar, rich on fibre and healthy wholegrain.

For many a Gluten free diet has become a life-style. At the same time many consumers try to avoid added sugar and consume organic – high quality is a must. This is where we step in. Many of our products are gluten free as well as organic. New recipes are continuously developed according to demanding requirements. We know where our raw materials come from, what they taste like and how they react in the production process.

Flakes are our passion and seeing our products in stores and supermarkets make us work even harder to meet our customers’ goals. The flakes are produced in various sizes and from a wide range of GMO free and allergen free raw materials. We are proud to claim that our factory is free from soya, nuts, egg and dairy products.

To get the final twist to the product, we can add spices or special ingredients and exotic fruits or berries – coating is also a possibility. Our customers get their tailor-made product and the consumer is satisfied when having the possibility to choose a natural, high quality, healthy and tasty product.

Ancient is Now Modern

Rich in trace minerals, ancient grains such as amaranth, buckwheat, millet, quinoa and spelt, are fast gaining a strong position in cereals – not least as they are naturally gluten free, a category which has shown solid growth during the last few years.

Nakskov Mill Foods has returned to its roots and has recovered oats, with its’ amazing features and health benefits – like in the good old days.


The authentic Nordic superfood – Oat – is a key ingredient in various gluten free products. We use gluten free Finnish oat; the mild and pleasant taste and exceptional quality originates from the long summer days and cool temperatures up in the North. The nutritional values and advantages of oat are brought to the consumer as flakes and shapes like the hoop.


Buckwheat is naturally gluten free and provides a high source of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with relatively few calories and practically no fat. For vegans buckwheat is a great source of essential amino acids lysine and arginine. It is low on the glycemic index and also helps in preventing bloating and constipation.


The Incas used quinoa in their diet thousands of years ago. It is one of the most protein rich foods containing all essential amino acids as well as iron and magnesium. It has a mild taste and is a great substitute to the traditional flakes as an essential part of a modern, healthy and gluten free diet.


Every year new superfoods enter the market. We have been using chia seeds for many years in some of our products. Oat flakes with baobab combine two fantastic superfoods: a Nordic health bomb together with a dash of the Southern African super powder.

Aim to be the best

With that in mind, we produce a wide range of extruded and traditional flake products, conventional, organic, gluten free and free from variants. Nakskov Mill Foods will be proud to be your partner and develop new products together to be enjoyed at the breakfast table.