Developing ideas into products

What does the future taste like?

Our R&D department is constantly working on developing new and unique breakfast products. We keep track of changing requirements from consumers and customers, and the goal is simple: always to be one step ahead. The future products must simply be healthier and tastier than the current ones and therefore we develop new ideas into exiting new products.

You have to know your raw materials in order to use them optimally

We have long-term and responsible suppliers worldwide, however the majority of our current raw materials are EU-origin. We analyse the raw materials to get the nutritional values so that we can ensure the optimal use of them. When producing cereals, we can say that all raw materials have their strengths and advantages which make them special.

Focus on the individual product

We manufacture our flakes with a focus on the individual product, whether it should follow a health trend, prevent lifestyle illnesses, be allergy-friendly or be suited for consumers with increased nutritional needs.

We invest heavily in the optimal production machinery so that we can supply gluten free products that are better than any other products in the market. We do this for our customers, to produce their unique free from product, which is approved by the consumers, being the best.

Organic products are manufactured according to principles and with respect to the environment: a breakfast which is good for you and good for the environment.

Focus being on health claims, we are constantly searching for tasty plant proteins, using whole grain, reducing sugar and adding fiber and looking into beta glucan. Legumes have a key role in protein rich recipes. Oat fiber, which is high in beta glucan, can be added to create a product to lower cholesterol. Healthier sweetners such as oligo fructose or apple fiber can also be used in your flakes. We hope that the future of breakfast cereals and food products overall, will be a healthier one.


Your partner in cereals

As a private label supplier, we develop the products in close cooperation with our customers. Requests and ideas are tested in production, so that we can both test and taste the product before starting production. Afterwards, we evaluate the result together, before we decide on how to proceed.

Just ask – we produce almost everything

Our product range covers every imaginable sort of flake, from traditional cornflakes to extruded quinoa flakes as well as various products for children. If you are looking for organic and free from products, we can be your partner. Almost everything is possible and based on years of experience, innovation and extensive knowledge of the cereal market, we are happy to share all this and look forward to working with you.

We look to the future – together

Our business is developing at a rapid pace, and you always need to be one step ahead to make sure, that you are the first to introduce the latest innovations and ingredients, which is a challenge that we take seriously. In close cooperation with you, we develop and deliver innovative concepts that reflect your needs and the needs of the market, as well as the expectations.

We have identified quality, security of supply and flexibility as central elements and make every effort to be your number one supplier
– Nakskov Mill Foods, your partner in cereals.